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The King's Hospital has a long tradition of cricket and the game continues to attract much interest in the school. Cricket is the principal sport for both boys and girls during the summer term. Cricket is played as one of the major sports by boys in the summer term. Form 1 and 2 boys and girls experience the game through the medium of their specially organised team event -'Crocker-athletics', which involves the playing of cricket, soccer and athletics two days a week, moving from sports to sport each day. It brings about active participation by all students in the two junior years.

Facilities in The King's Hospital for cricket are excellent, boasting three artificial wickets and playing areas, a three-lane outdoor net-cage facility and a two-lane indoor net facility and ample space for both boys and girls to pursue the game. In recent years, the provision of top-class indoor facilities in the Sports Hall has helped both with the promotion of the game and and the nature of the coaching that can be provided. Many pupils avail of indoor coaching throughout the winter months, which hitherto had not been possible.

Head of Cricket (Boys): David Plummer

Head of Cricket (Girls): Jean Atkinson

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