Empowering a Safer Online World: Introducing Tozi, the Innovative App by Vodafone Ireland Foundation and DCU

This blog post introduces Tozi, emphasizing its collaboration with the DCU @antibullyingcentre and Vodafone Ireland Foundation. It promotes the app's features and its role in fostering a safer online environment

Empowering a Safer Online Space: Introducing Tozi, a Collaborative Initiative

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre in supporting the launch of Tozi, an exceptional app developed by Vodafone Ireland Foundation and DCU. This innovative app is dedicated to fostering a safer and more positive online environment for our youth.

Tozi is designed to empower young people by providing access to essential tools, guidance, and resources aimed at promoting online safety and combating cyberbullying. Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, Tozi offers a range of empowering features to create a better digital world.

By downloading Tozi, users gain access to practical advice, tools, and resources that help navigate the online world with confidence. Together, let’s stand united against cyberbullying and create a more positive and supportive digital community.

Join us in this meaningful initiative by downloading Tozi today. Together, we can make a difference and foster a safer online space for everyone.

For more information and to download Tozi, visit: Tozi App – DCU Anti-Bullying Centre

Let’s make the internet a safer and more inclusive place for all!