International Students


    • Form 1 & 4 Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 – 14:00 to 20:00
    • Form 2 & 5 Wednesday August 24th, 2022 – 14:00 to 20:00
    • Returning Form 3 & 6 Thursday August 25th, 2022 – from 17:00 – 20:00

    Preferred arrival for new students 14:00 to 20:00 – exceptions made due to limited flight options from 09:00 to 21:00 – outside those hours students must remain with their guardian.

    You can drop off luggage from 09:00 if you wish to go shopping for school supplies, and then return no later than 20:00.

    Please discuss with us directly where you have more than one child who are due in on different days,


    Students must use the school airport transport service at all times during the school year and are not permitted to take their own transport to the airport or travel with their guardian.

    The exception being a departure or arrival to school between 22:30 and 07:00. Then the guardian must arrange for the student’s transportation and a host family for that night. It is very disruptive to a room of students and staff members to wake up a student or settle them back in once everyone is sleeping.

    One-way trip to the airport remains at €50. This covers the cost of a school approved driver, who will be in contact with the school and the parents on departure and arrival, to ensure a smooth and safe airport transfer.

    Payment is made online for each trip in advance and the responsibility lies with the parent or appointed agent/guardian to provide the correct flight information and any testing/quarantine requirements, to the school in a timely manner.


    It is very important that you choose your guardian wisely. Guardianship is an invaluable service for students and their parents, and this was very evident during the pandemic. Please contact Michelle Foley for further information on our guardianship expectations; and how to select a suitable guardian for your child. A guardianship induction meeting will be planned early in the school year. Each guardian is expected to attend.


    All new students will have inductions in the first week to help them choose their Sports & Extra-curricular activities and to familiarise themselves with the school grounds and protocols.

    Tuesday, August 23rd Form 1 & 4 boarders arrive
    Wednesday August 24th

    Form 1 & 4 boarders & day students’ induction

    Form 2 & 5 boarders arrive

    Thursday August 25th

    Form 1 & 4 boarders & day students first full day of school.

    Form 2 & 5 boarders & day students’ induction

    Form 3 & 6 boarders arrive

    Friday, August 26th

    Form 1 & 4 boarders & day students – full day of school.

    Form 2 & 5 boarders & day students – full day of school.

    Form 3 & 6 boarders & day students- induction

    Saturday, August 27th 

    Guardian induction in morning (virtual or on campus tbc)

    New international students sit English test.

    New boarders orientation & lunch with guardians (if permitted on campus)

    Sunday, August 28th  Boarders off-campus shopping trip for essentials.



    Booklists will appear on the school website mid-June. Our uniform for both school and sports is also visible through this link. Any changes to uniform will also appear mid-June, but are not anticipated.

    You will receive a guide in June on what your child needs to bring. They can also purchase bed linen locally, as we are adjacent to Liffey Valley shopping mall that has departments stores; Marks and Spencer, Dunnes Stores, an Eason bookstore and a Primark (Penneys). You can also purchase books, uniform and bedding online and have them shipped to the school, over the summer holiday – clearly marked with your child’s name. Some guardians will purchase items for you if part of their service package.

    Please email Michelle @ or call us on +353 1 643-6564 with any questions.