School Fees

The King’s Hospital School believes that every child should achieve his or her true potential intellectually and socially through personal endeavour and the encouragement and support of our staff, parents and governors.

Through a system of Secondary Education Committee grants, School Bursaries, School Scholarships and School Discounts parents are supported in their efforts to meet the cost of school fees.  It is a priority for the Board of Governors to ensure that this form of support can be maintained in the future to make the school available and affordable for those whom the school was established. 

The Board must pursue adherence to its School Fee Policy as outlined below.  The Board hopes that all parents will understand the need for these procedures and thanks them for their continued support and co-operation. 


A non-refundable registration fee of €75 is required in respect of every domestic student at the time of enrolment and submission of a completed registration form.  This fee is not required in respect of overseas applicants.

A deposit is payable on acceptance of the offer of a place.  The deposit is in the amount of €1,000 for all Irish resident students and €3,000 for overseas students whose families are not resident in the state.  This deposit is non-refundable if the place is subsequently not taken up and may also be subject to a term’s fees in lieu of notice.  For those students who do take up a place, the deposit will be credited to the student’s final fee invoice and refunded in August of the year in which the student leaves.  The deposit is not a prepayment or a credit towards school fees.


Fees for the 2024/2025 academic year are
Day€8,910 per annum
5-Day Boarding (Domestic)€18,460 per annum
7-Day Boarding (Domestic)€20,824 per annum
7-Day Boarding (EU)€27,084 per annum
7-Day Boarding (Non-EU)€28,185 per annum

Fee invoices are issued half yearly in July and December each year and payment is required, in full, before the start of term in August and January.  Fee invoices include the basic tuition and boarding fee.  The basic fee includes tuition and some general incidental expenses.  For boarding students, the basic fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals, laundry, routine medical attention on site, etc. 

For further information on the basic fees and incidental charges applicable for the 2024/2025 academic year, please review ‘Fee Information’. 


Timely payment of school fees is essential in maintaining control of finances and in planning for the school’s future.  The Board continue to make every effort to keep increases to a level that supports the demands placed on the school in terms of the delivery of Academic, Extra-Curricular, Pastoral Care and quality facilities and to minimise the financial impact on parents.

Per the school’s Terms and Conditions of entry, as acknowledged by signing the Acceptance Form, all school fees are payable in advance and are due, in full, prior to the first day of term in August and January.  When parents send their children to The King’s Hospital School, they accept to undertake to pay the school fees in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  Parents cannot set their own payment terms.

For domestic students, the school’s preferred payment method is by direct debit in either 2 instalments (1st August and 1st January) or 8 monthly instalments (1st August to 1st March inclusive).  EU student fees are payable half yearly in advance before 1st August and 1st January.  Non-EU student fees are payable yearly in advance before 1st August. 

Payment may be made by direct debit, electronic bank transfer, cash, draft or cheque.  The direct debit facility is not available to overseas students.  The King’s Hospital School does not accept payment via credit or debit card.  Due to banking restrictions, we can no longer accept coin payments in respect of fee accounts. 

For further information on the payment options available to parents for the 2024/2025 academic year, please review ‘Payment of Fees’. 


All school fees are payable in advance and are due, in full, prior to the first day of term in August and January, unless the fee account is being paid through the ‘8 monthly’ direct debit payment option.

Exceptional Circumstances

Under exceptional circumstances, alternative payment schedules may be agreed for families experiencing temporary financial difficulties due to bereavement, loss of employment, etc.  The onus is on parents to notify the Finance Office of the requirement for this arrangement as soon as possible. 

Alternative payment schedules are only valid when discussed and agreed with the Finance Office and; written confirmation of the amended payment schedule and terms have been received before the start of term.  Parents cannot set their own payment terms.

In the first instance, the maximum alternative payment schedule available is to 1st March each year, in line with our direct debit payment option.  Any ongoing alternative payment schedule must ensure that the last payment instalment for the full year’s fees is received before the start of term in January

Defaulting Accounts

Any fees not paid in accordance with the school payment policy, direct debit arrangements or remaining unpaid at the start of term will incur a monthly surcharge of 1.25% for every month unpaid.  This will be charged to the fee account and/or deducted from any deposit or fee refund due.

Fee accounts must be kept up to date to secure the student’s place in the school from year to year.  Failure to pay fees by the due date, in the absence of an alternative payment schedule agreed in writing with the Finance Office, may lead to the student’s withdrawal from the school.  Students may not be permitted to use school facilities or to sit the state examinations if the fee account has not been paid in full and it is deemed inadequate co-operation has been received from parents in fulfilling their financial obligations.


In recognition of the significant financial commitment undertaken by parents the school itself provides numerous financial contributions to assist with the payment of fees.  These include the provision of the Charter Bursary, Entrance Bursary, Governors Bursary, Canon Gibson Bursary, scholarships, family discounts, yearly fees in advance discount and capital fees in advance discount.

The request for assistance from The King’s Hospital School or outside sources does not negate the responsibility of parents to ensure all fee obligations are met when due.  The responsibility for the payment of fees ultimately lies with the parents and the school expects all parents to contribute to the fee obligations of their children. 

For further information on the fee support options available to parents for the 2024/2025 academic year please review Fee Support.


All school trips must be paid in advance or paid directly to an external Travel Agent when instructed.  The school reserves the right to withhold permission for any student whose account is in arrears to participate on trips organised by the school unless an alternative payment arrangement is in effect.

If payment for a school trip is received for a fee account, which is in arrears with no agreed alternative payment arrangement, the monies will be allocated to the fee account until an alternative payment arrangement has been agreed.

All deposits for school trips are non-refundable unless the trip is cancelled by the school.  If a student has paid a deposit for a trip but has not paid the remainder of the balance prior to the commencement of the trip they will not be permitted to travel.

Student’s participating in certain sports may be offered the opportunity of availing of ‘training camp’ trips in the school year, at an additional cost.  The Director of Sport will notify parents of these trips as soon as the information is available.


Per the school’s Terms and Conditions of entry, students are expected to attend for the full academic year.  No refunds or reduction of fees will be permitted where a student is removed from the school for a period of time during Transition Year.  For clarification purposes, where a full school term’s notice is given before the removal of a student in Transition Year, the full year’s fees will remain payable where the student is re-entering the school for 5th Year.


The school takes every precaution to protect the property of students.  However, the school does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage for items of value brought to the school. 


It is expected that all students who join the school will attend for the full school cycle and leave at the end of 6th Year.  At least a full school term’s notice must be given in writing, prior to the removal of a student, in default of which the term’s fees will be payable.  No notice period is permitted where a student is removed for a portion of the school year and intends to seek re-entry in the subsequent year.  In this case, the full year’s fees will be payable.


A pre-paid cashless pin system is available for parents of day students who wish to have their child(ren) avail of a 3-course lunch option or; for all students who wish to avail of morning break snacks.  An online account must be set up for each student and payments are made online through our Catering Partner – Sodexo.  Full details of the login procedure will be forwarded to you prior to the start of term. 

For further details of the process please review  Lunch Cards – Pre-Paid and Cash Wallet 2024


From August 2024, we are introducing 1-1 student devices for all Form 1, 2 and 4 students.  Devices must be purchased directly through our service provide – Wriggle – via an online store which will be available from 2nd April.  Payment for the devices is not administered through the school.  Further information can be found here

Irish Student Device Information Feb 2024

International Student Device Information January 2024


The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including music, drama, pottery, etc to students, some of which incur an extra charge.  Full details of these activities will be forwarded to all families during the summer break.  Parents wishing to have their children avail of any of these activities should ensure the appropriate sign-up and online payment is then completed soon as possible.  An information day/evening on the programme will also be held in September for students and parents. 

The fees charged are designed simply to cover the cost to the school of teachers’ salaries.  The school offers the option of paying music and drama lessons fees in 2 half yearly payments before the start of term in August and January.  However, if you apply for music or drama lessons, you will be liable for the full school year’s lessons.  Only circumstances concerning illness, accident or departure from the school may be considered for exemption. Form 1 or new students to the school may opt to discontinue lessons for the second half of the year providing notice is given to Ms O’Reilly in writing by 31st October. 

For further information on the activities offered, and fees, please review the Extra Curricular Section.

For further information or clarification on school fees, payment of fees or fee support please contact:

Mrs Carly Lynch
Finance Office

+353 1 643 6534  

The Finance Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the calendar year.

N.B. The information quoted above is set for the academic Year 2024/2025 and is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Governors.