School Fees – Fee Support

In recognition of the significant financial commitment undertaken by parents in educating their children at The King’s Hospital School, the school itself provides numerous financial contributions to assist with the payment of fees including:

1)  The King’s Hospital School Charter Bursary

Offers significant additional support to boarding students, who are in receipt of an SEC boarding grant, with an automatic top-up to the SEC Grant (on a sliding scale).  The Bursary is reviewed regularly to ensure broadest support for students who wish to attend as boarders.

2) Entrance Bursaries

Two bursaries are offered per annum to incoming students and are carried forward for the duration of studies in the school.  Applications are made before Easter of the year of entry for Day students only.

3)  Governors’ Bursary

Available on a discretionary basis, within the limits of available funds, to help families who are experiencing temporary difficulties in fulfilling their financial obligations regarding their children’s fees.  See further detail under ‘School Bursaries’ section below.

4) Children of Clergy of the Church of Ireland (Canon Gibson Bursary)

Children of Church of Ireland clergy who qualify for a discount of approximately 33.3% of day fees.

5)  Scholarships

Awarded annually to our incoming Form 1 students based on the results of the scholarship and entrance examination and are carried forward for the duration of studies in the school.

6) Family Discounts

Families with two or more children of the same family concurrently at the school will qualify for a discount on the basic yearly fee of 5% for the second child; 10% for the third and fourth child and 15% for the fifth child.  

Day 5 Day Boarding7 Day Boarding
2nd child €424€879€992
3rd / 4th child €849€1,758€1,983
5th child€1,273€2,637€2,975

7) Yearly Fees in Advance Discount

Where payment of the full yearly basic school fee is received before the first day of term in August.  The rate of discount to be applied for the year 2023/2024 is 1.5%.

8) Capital Fees in Advance Discount

Where payment is received of a number of full year’s fees in advance. The rate of discount to be applied is set by the Finance Office.  Extra’s and incidental items listed on the fee invoice(s) are included in this discount.

All bursaries and scholarships awarded are contingent on the balance of school fees being paid, in full, as they fall due.  The school reserves the right to rescind any assistance provided if school fees are not paid as due and it is deemed inadequate co-operation has been received from parents in fulfilling their financial obligations to the school.

School Bursaries

Under exceptional circumstances, the provision of a ‘Governor’s’ bursary may be agreed for families experiencing temporary financial difficulties.  This bursary is only available where an exceptional, unforeseen event has directly affected the fee account payer and caused considerable hardship, for example, long term illness, bereavement, loss of employment, etc.  The bursary is subject to the limits of available funds and therefore the fulfilling of the eligibility criteria does not guarantee the awarding of a bursary.

The school bursary is awarded for one school year only and will not be continued in following years even if the original circumstances do not change.  The bursary is also contingent on the provision of full and complete information including financial and special circumstances and the remaining net fees being paid in full as they fall due.  Failure to do so will result in the rescinding of any bursary awarded.

All such requests are treated in the strictest confidence.

Anyone wishing to apply for a ‘Governor’s’ bursary should complete the ‘school bursary’ form (available from Mrs Carly Lynch, Finance Office on request at 

There are also other sources that may provide assistance with school fees.  These include:

1)  Secondary Education Grants

Families domiciled in the Republic of Ireland, where a child is a member of a Protestant denomination, may qualify for a means-tested grant, which will be paid directly to the school.  The size of the grant varies according to means.  Application is normally made not later than November in any year for the school year commencing the following September.  The online registration form will be forwarded by the school to all new entrants when it becomes available from the SEC in October each year.  The SEC will forward the registration form directly to all families who have previously applied for the grant.  All queries regarding the application should be addressed to the SEC Office.

While parents are asked to make a full disclosure of their financial circumstances, this is confidential to the Grants Committee only.  No other person has access to, or sees, this information.  A fresh application must be made every year.

Please review or for further information on the SEC Grant process.

2) Local Grant Bodies

There are several Trust Funds that may also provide assistance with school fees.  For example, Protestant Aid, Kirwan House, Presbytery of Munster, POS Education Fund, etc.  Each of these associations will have their own set of criteria and parents should liaise directly with these associations in relation to applying for assistance.

We encourage parents seeking additional assistance from outside sources with payment of their fees to ensure their application is completed in full and returned to the appropriate association in a timely manner.  This is to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity of receiving the assistance available prior to fees becoming due before the first day of term in August. 

The request for assistance from The King’s Hospital School or outside sources does not negate the responsibility of parents to ensure all fee obligations are met when due.  The responsibility for the payment of fees ultimately lies with the parents and the school expects all parents to contribute to the fee obligations of their children. 

For further information or clarification on school fees, payment of fees or fee support please contact:

Mrs Carly Lynch

Finance Office

+353 1 643 6534   

The Finance Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the calendar year. 

N.B. The information quoted above is set for the academic year 2023/2024 and is subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Governors