Thank you for your interest in The King’s Hospital School for your child’s secondary school education, whether as an existing member of the school community or first-time enquirer.

We have different enrolment processes for day and boarding, Form 1 and mid-stream (Form 2-5), outlined below in its own section. International student applications are only processed in the year preceding enrolment and have their own specific requirements. Go to International students.

At any time please contact the Admissions Team on  or +353 1 643-6564 and we will be happy to help you.

Our Admissions Policy complies with the requirements of the Education Act 1998, the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 and the Equal Status Act 2000. It came into effect on February 1st, 2020, and after a consultation process was approved by the patron on June 8th, 2020. As required by the Education Act, an accompanying Admissions Notice must appear on the school website by September 1st of each year, until further notice. An aim of the new Admissions policy is to phase out pre-existing waiting lists in the admissions selection process.


Virtual Open Day

Due to Covid-19 restrictions currently in place, we are unable to host an in-school Open Day. In 2020 we put together this Virtual Open Day & VR Tour of the school, which has lots of video clips of students and staff telling you all about our school. The Virtual Open Day will be slightly updated for 2021 in order to include some new staff members and students, and be available to view by mid-October, 2021.

School Visits

Due to the large number of day applicants, we are unable to accommodate on-campus visits before places are offered. However, once you have been offered a place and wish to visit the school, we can arrange that in the 2-week window before you have to accept your offer. If you wish to find out more information about what SEN Resources we can offer, please contact Michelle Foley to arrange for a conversation with our SENCO, Yvonne Mahady.

Boarding applicants will be invited to visit the school during the October mid-term break, to see the dorms. We will be in contact to arrange a visit.


If you submitted an application for your child prior to February 1, 2020, for enrolment years 2022-2025, you do not need to fill out a new form. You can email to confirm that we already have an application for your child on file. New Form 1 Boarding and Day applications must be made through our online forms. The Day application form can only be accessed during a 3-week window in the October of each year when your child is in 6th Class, but you can fill out an Expression of Interest Form at any time, so we can alert you to enrolment dates and school information. Boarding applications can be submitted when your child in 5th or 6th class. All applications must include the following documents/information:

  • PPS Number – include on form
  • Current School Roll Number – include on form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate – email separately
  • Religious Affiliation Certificate if practicing Church of Ireland or protestant reformed only – use this template  and email separately.
  • €75 non-refundable application fee – pay online

Please email all documents to


New Form 1 boarding applications may be submitted up to 2 years prior to enrolment, when the child is in fifth or sixth class. You do not need to make a new application if you submitted an application before Feb 1st, 2020 for enrolment years 2022 or 2023 – 2025.

Please fill out the following online form if you wish to enrol your children for 2022 or 2023

New Form 1 applications may only be submitted in the October Application Window (OAW) 1 year prior to enrolment for day places, when your child is in sixth class. Our OAW for Form 1 2022 will open on October 1st, 2021 and close on October 22nd, 2021. If you applied for your child prior to February 1st, 2020, they remain on the waiting list and you do not need to fill out a new application. If you wish to be reminded about the OAW fill out the Expression of Interest below. This email was sent to parents of applicants that applied before February 1st 2020, and contains key dates – Read it here

​Please fill out the form below if you wish to be contacted by the school with details of Information Sessions, Application Date Reminders and School Updates for any year of application. This does not place you on a waiting list.

A child should have reached 12 years of age by the time they are to begin Form 1.

We operate a waiting list system for mid-stream day and boarding places. Please fill out the enquiry form below and you will be contacted by the Admissions Department to go through next steps. Boarding applicants are prioritised if a vacancy arises.

Any applicant who is resident abroad must fill out the International Student Registration Form below. Applications are considered for Forms 1, 2, 4, and 5 only. Students must have reached the following age by September 1st on the year of enrolment:

Form 1 – 12yrs
Form 2 – 13yrs
Form 3 – we do not enrol international students
Form 4 – 15yrs  TY Infomation Booklet 2021-22
Form 5 – 16yrs must enrol for 2-years & complete Leaving Certificate Exams
Form 6 – we do not enrol international students

Summary of registration process

  • Fill out online registration form.
  • Email birth certificate, passport and most recent school report.
  • The Admissions Department will contact you for further information.
  • The student must take an online English proficiency test.
  • An online interview is arranged with the Head of Admissions.
  • On-campus visits are subject to Covid-protocols in place at the time.

Please email accompanying documents to

Summary of selection process

  • Application reviewed by the Headmaster and Head of Admissions.
  • Take online English test – minimum grade required to progress.
  • If all criteria are met, an invitation to interview is offered.
  • Review of documents, interview, and English test by School Leadership Team.
  • Offer of place.
  • Acceptance form signed & returned.
  • Deposit of €2,000 paid to school.*

*The deposit is non-refundable if the student does not take up the place but will be refunded when they have finished at the school, and there are no bills outstanding.

Guardianship/host family

If an international student does not have relatives or close friends living in Ireland who will act as a guardian or host family, then you must engage the services of a guardian.
Email to request the guardian contact list. Once you have engaged the services of a guardian, you and the guardian must sign the guardianship form and return it to the school by the end of June each year.

International Student Travel Arrangements

If a student is travelling directly from the Airport to the School, or School to Airport, at any time throughout the school year, they must travel on the school transportation, no exceptions.

If a student is arriving into Ireland before the start of any term or half term, and going to a friend, relative, host family, or accommodation with a family member, then they must show proof of travel, where they are staying and who with.

Details of airport transfer costs and more detailed information can be found at International Travel Arrangements 2021-22


For full information on fees please review the fees section on our website

    For further information or clarification on school fees, payment of fees or fee support please contact:

    Mrs Carly Lynch

    Finance Office

    +353 1 643 6534   

    The Finance Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, throughout the calendar year’.