The King’s Hospital School’s Magical Christmas Carol Service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Relive the enchanting moments from The King's Hospital School's past Christmas Carol Service at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

Reliving the magic of The King’s Hospital School’s past Christmas Carol Service at the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin! The evening was a symphony of joy and festive spirit, featuring heart-touching hymns performed by our esteemed KH Chapel Choir and Orchestra.

Under the guidance of the talented Head of Music, Ciaran Kelly, and the skilled Orchestra Director, Miriam Wright, the musical extravaganza showcased the brilliance and dedication of our KH Choir and KH Orchestra. This year’s service was made even more special as our choir was joined by some of our incredible staff, parents, and esteemed past pupils, adding a unique warmth and depth to the performance.

The event was a heartwarming celebration, uniting the entire school community in the spirit of the festive season. The atmosphere resonated with warmth and harmony, creating unforgettable memories for all attendees.

Open to every member of our school community, the evening was a testament to the values and spirit of The King’s Hospital School. Families and friends gathered to share in the joyous melodies and the profound sense of togetherness.

For those unable to attend in person, the live broadcast captured the essence of the service, allowing everyone to join in the celebration from afar through the link below.

We look back fondly on this incredible evening and express our gratitude to all who contributed to its success. 


Watch here.