Academic Excellence Celebration: Recap of Last Night’s Prize Giving Event

Last night’s Academic Prize Giving was a remarkable celebration of excellence, showcasing the outstanding achievements of students across various year groups. The event provided an opportunity to reconnect with our esteemed Class of 2023 alumni, offering insights into their diverse and enriching university experiences.

The evening, hosted by Cormac UaBruadair, Deputy Head Pastoral/Head of Boarding, commenced with an inspiring welcome speech by Headmaster Mark Ronan, setting the tone for an exceptional event.

Special gratitude goes to our esteemed guests: Sue Fanning, President of KHPPU, whose generous sponsorship contributed to the awards, and Ines Cooper, Governor, who presented the well-deserved honors to the students, adding prestige to the occasion.

The guest speaker, Prof. James O’Higgins Norman, UNESCO Chair on Bullying and Cyberbullying and Director of DCU Anti Bullying Centre, shared valuable insights on the importance of research. He encouraged our students to cultivate curiosity, contributing to an engaging and thought-provoking evening.

The event was further enriched by captivating recitations from the Cusack Essay and KHPPU Poetry winners, adding a touch of eloquence and creativity.

The Academic Prize Giving was an ode to dedication, achievement, and the pursuit of excellence. It encapsulated the spirit of academic prowess and honored the remarkable accomplishments of our student body.

Academic Prizegiving Brochure 2023