Weekend Highlights at The Kings Hospital School

Weekends at KH are an eclectic fusion of exploration, camaraderie, and learning experiences that go beyond the classroom walls.

KH Weekends are bursting with cool activities and a whole lot of exploration. A whirlwind of fun where students dived into cookery, sports, artsy stuff, and more. Afternoons weren’t just for naps; we hit up art galleries and parks (yes, Dublin Zoo too!), and occasionally indulged in a bit of retail therapy at Liffey Valley or Kildare Village.

The fun didn’t stop there! Kayaking, cinema outings, surfing, hiking, and our Friday night Take-Aways. It was all about diving deep into the local culture and history and just having an epic adventure!

Our school’s all about going beyond the classroom, and these weekends were living proof of that!

The heart and soul of these weekends lie in our amazing boarding community, fostering friendships and cultural understanding. Weekends are carefully designed to blend cultural outings, social engagements, and relaxation, cultivating a sense of belonging within the diverse community.

This term was like a big bonding session! Whether you were a new or familiar face, we were all in it together as one big KH family, making some great memories and forming bonds that go way beyond textbooks.

As the term draws to a close, the memories forged during these weekends will linger, reflecting the vibrant essence of life at KH beyond the regular school week.

Special thanks to Luke and the fantastic weekend crew for curating an epic and diverse weekend agenda filled with fun activities! Hats off to them for not only organizing all the excitement but also for capturing those awesome photos that perfectly encapsulate the vibe of our weekends.

Join us in reliving the magic of our KH weekends through these awesome snapshots collected over the past term!


Weekend Gallery