Unveiling Talent and Triumph: The King’s Hospital School’s Spectacular #KHtalentshow!

Rewind to a night of incredible talent and entertainment at the KH Talent Show! Applause resounds for our outstanding winners: Faizal & Samuel (Form 6), Naveen & Nakshatra (Form 1), and the dynamic duo Jay & Shek Ge (Form 3) for their remarkable performances that dazzled the audience! 

Massive gratitude to our Student Council for flawlessly organizing this epic show—a true testament to their dedication and community spirit! 

Special mentions go to Mary Brook-Tyrell and Desi Hickey. And let’s not forget our brilliant judges and the electrifying audience for making the night truly unforgettable! 

A massive thank you to Kenneth Kuravilla, our talented member of the photography club, whose incredible photos beautifully captured the magic of the night!