TY Performing Arts Students Learn from Actress and Past Pupil Lara McDonnell Ahead of “Greatest Days” Movie Release

This Friday marks an exciting milestone in the world of pop music as Greatest Days, a captivating film depicting the glory days of the renowned band Take That, hits the screens.

The talented TY Performing Arts students had the privilege of receiving guidance from actress and esteemed past pupil Lara McDonnell, who is set to shine in a starring role in the movie.

Greatest Days, tells a heartwarming and universally relatable tale of love and friendship, showcasing the iconic songs of Take That. Adapted from the highly successful stage show by the acclaimed writer of “Calendar Girls,” this film takes audiences on a nostalgic journey. The story revolves around five best friends who experience the night of their lives attending a concert by their favorite boy band. Fast forward twenty-five years, and their lives have taken various paths. However, they reunite for one more extraordinary show by their beloved band, reigniting their friendship and discovering that their greatest days may still lie ahead.

The involvement of Lara McDonnell, a talented actress with a personal connection to the KH TY Performing Arts program, has been a source of inspiration for the students. Learning from her experience and expertise has added a valuable dimension to their creative journey.

As the release of Greatest Days approaches, the TY Performing Arts students and the entire KH school community extend their heartfelt wishes to Lara McDonnell for her upcoming role. They eagerly anticipate witnessing her captivating performance on the big screen.

Greatest Days - Official Trailer 2023