The King’s Hospital Commemorates World Mental Health Day with Heartwarming Events

World Mental Health Day took center stage at The King’s Hospital, as students and staff came together to celebrate and prioritize well-being. With a lineup of activities designed to promote mental health awareness and support, the day was a resounding success.

Morning Meditation Sessions – The day began with a serene atmosphere as students and staff gathered at the chapel for morning meditation sessions at 8:00 AM. It provided a moment of peace and mindfulness to kickstart the day on a positive note.

Chapel Conversations on Mental Health Themes – Throughout the day, the chapel became a hub of insightful discussions on various mental health themes. Attendees engaged with Canon Campion and shared their thoughts, fostering an environment of open dialogue.

“Drop Everything and Breathe” – At 10:05 AM, a unique initiative allowed class teachers to guide everyone through a grounding meditation session. These precious 5 minutes of reflection provided an opportunity to focus on personal well-being.

Mental Health Poetry Reading – By 11:30 AM, the chapel saw an emotional and touching mental health poetry reading, evoking a powerful connection to the theme of the day.

“Orange You Glad” Lunch – The school kitchen contributed to the cause with a special, orange-themed lunch. The colorful and delicious dishes served were not only a feast for the palate but also a reflection of the school’s Amber Flag spirit.

Mindful Campus Walks – During lunch and break times, students and staff were invited to join mindful walks around the campus. These walks allowed participants to connect with nature and take a break to focus on their mental wellness.

A special mention must be made of The Amber Flag Committee, whose dedication made all these events possible. Their thoughtful efforts to enhance mental well-being are indeed commendable. Notably, the committee’s recognition of the positive impact of therapy dogs on mental health led to the presence of Nala, a lovable four-legged friend who brought smiles to many faces throughout the day.

Ms. Tyner and The Amber Flag Committee deserve immense praise for their outstanding job in organizing these meaningful events in honor of World Mental Health Day. The kitchen staff also went above and beyond to ensure everyone felt supported and nourished. Their dedication to promoting well-being and reminding us all to take care of ourselves is truly commendable.

In a heartfelt message, the school urged everyone to be there for those in their time of need, as small gestures can make a significant difference. The Student Support Team and Nala, the therapy dog, were both readily available through Clair Breen (, ensuring that students had access to the support they may require.

The King’s Hospital proved once again that they are not only committed to academic excellence but also deeply invested in the mental health and well-being of their students and staff. With events like these, they are setting a positive example and fostering a culture of care and understanding within their school community.