Nala and Clair Shine at Bloom, Making a Difference for The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

The KH community is proud of the selfless efforts of Nala and Clair, who volunteered with The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind at Bloom.

Nala, our KH therapy dog, and Clair our school psychotherapist, demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise, with Clair earning recognition as the best handler.

In a delightful twist, Clair’s excellence led to a humorous and unexpected moment.

Her remarkable abilities in handling guide dogs led to her playfully “arrested” in jest, showcasing the unique bond between guide dog handlers and their loyal companions.

Their involvement highlighted the important partnership between guide dogs and their handlers, inspiring the community and spreading awareness about the organization’s work.

The KH community proudly acknowledges the remarkable accomplishments of Nala and Clair, expressing gratitude for their selflessness and dedication to serving others. Their contributions exemplify the spirit of compassion and generosity that KH holds dear, fostering a sense of unity and support within the community.