Model UN Climate Change

Considering COP26 in November 2021, students from the Kings Hospital School took part in a debating forum Model UN Climate Change.

The purpose of the event was to engage future young leaders with some of the major issues discussed at the COP and better understand different country perspectives on these complex challenges. The students who took part in the forum came together with many other young people from around the world to discuss a global sustainability goal of significance at a time of climate crisis.

This event allowed students to develop research skills, presentation, negotiation, team -working and collaborative skills, whilst also understanding the need for compromise and learning about the world and the impact of climate change from the perspective of other people.

Post-event the students received a certificate of excellence for participation and fondly started the journey of understanding cross-cultural engagement and most importantly friendship. One of the main goals of taking part in the debate was to Inspire students to make a difference and establish a local project (in their school or the wider community) that involves project management, goals, outcomes and encourages behaviour change.

We hope this won’t be the last event of this kind for the budding future leaders.

The students who took part in the event were as follows:

James Hartigan, Aimee Hartigan, Iris Stoicescu, Eimear Kane, Muhammad Janjua, Daniel Borton, Tommy Kennedy, Karlo Koblenz, Sophia Fox, Austen Moore, Tilda Eirlemeier, and Rachel Lang. The event was organised by teachers Mr Shaw and Miss White.