KH Students Shine on TG4’s ‘Mo Shaol Do Shaol’ for Cúla 4, Embracing Diverse Hobbies and Irish Language

KH Students Shine on TG4's 'Mo Shaol Do Shaol' for Cúla 4, Embracing Diverse Hobbies and Irish Language

Last week, the KH School welcomed the crew of TG4, as they filmed for the upcoming program ‘Mo Shaol Do Shaol’ set to air on Cúla 4. The students seized the opportunity to showcase their diverse interests, engaging in a day of hobby-swapping that led to exhilarating experiences and enriching discoveries.

The day saw Adam immersing himself in the thrill of skiing at Kilternan, exploring a new passion with enthusiasm. Concurrently, another student ventured into the adventurous world of Geocaching at St. Catherine’s Park, uncovering hidden treasures in a day filled with exploration and excitement.

The forthcoming show, to be aired next year exclusively in the Irish language (as Gaeilge) on TG4’s Cúla 4, will highlight the students’ unique experiences.

Of particular note is Adam, our fluent Irish speaker, who will take the spotlight, showcasing his language proficiency and zest for diverse activities.

The program promises an exciting glimpse into the students’ lives, their passions, and the adventurous spirit that thrives within the school community.