KH School Celebrates a Spook-tacular Halloween with Culinary Delights and Thrilling Haunted House Adventures

Halloween descended upon KH School in a wave of spooky charm and thrilling festivities as witches, wizards, and ghouls gathered for a day of eerie delights and hair-raising excitement. The Kitchen crew, donned in their finest spooky attire, concocted an array of devilishly delicious treats and enchanting culinary masterpieces, delighting all with a feast fit for the occasion.

The celebration was amplified by the bewitching delights meticulously prepared by the kitchen crew, giving a ghoulishly delightful spin to the day. The ‘Boo-tiful Cuisine’ was indeed ‘to-die-for’, tantalizing taste buds and setting the stage for an unforgettable Halloween feast.

Meanwhile, a chilling maze set the stage for spine-tingling adventures as students and staff transformed into spooky ‘actors’, bringing scares to life within the haunted house. Each group of 10 dared to explore the chilling maze and emerged with goodie bags brimming with treats, the result of fantastic collaboration and spook-tacular teamwork.