Friday Jazz Revival at KH School Chapel: A Resounding Start!

We’re excited to announce the return of Friday chapel performances at KH School, and they’re back with a bang! Today, the chapel was filled with melodious tunes as a talented jazz quartet, comprised of students from different year groups, took center stage.

This outstanding quartet included Amanda F2, who mesmerized us on the keyboard, Truan F2, who added depth with his electric double bass, Sean F3, who stole the show with his saxophone, and Muhammad F4 TY, who contributed his unique talent to the ensemble.

The highlight of the performance was their rendition of the Dave Brubeck classic, ‘Take Five.’ Their interpretation did justice to this timeless jazz masterpiece, captivating everyone in attendance.

Exciting news for budding performers: Canon Campion, our dedicated chapel coordinator, is on the lookout for more talent to grace our future performances.

If you’ve got a musical gift or a hidden talent, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him directly. Your moment in the spotlight could be just around the corner!

The return of Friday chapel performances, marked by the sensational jazz quartet, is a promising start to a series of memorable musical experiences. Stay tuned for more incredible performances in the future. If you’re a KH School student with a knack for music, reach out to Canon Campion and become a part of the magic!

Friday, Chapel Performances Are Back!!! ‘TAKE FIVE’ 🎶🎷