Empowering Teenage Girls: AquaMoves Pilot Program Makes a Splash at The King’s Hospital School

Diving into the positive vibes of #AquaMoves, a groundbreaking pilot program at The King’s Hospital School in collaboration with Swim Ireland!

This initiative is designed to empower teenage girls in aquatics, promoting confidence and skills in a supportive environment.

A huge thank you to Rebecca Rolston from Swim Ireland for sharing valuable insights on body confidence, social media, and nutrition.

Special recognition goes to our incredible Swim Teacher, Christine Howard, whose stunning photos perfectly capture the essence of the day. 

The 3rd-year PE girls had a blast exploring new skills, creating choreography, and embracing body confidence in a non-pressured environment.

The smiles on their faces during the AquaMoves experience were heartwarming.

Here’s to breaking barriers, fostering empowerment, and making a splash in synchronized swimming!