Form 6 Belfast Day Trip


On Friday the 24th March, Rev. Peter Campion took his Form 6 Religious Education Leaving Certificate class to Belfast for the day, for a real world view on their curriculum topic, ‘Peace and Reconciliation’, as the 25th anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement, approached.

They left at 8am in order to make it to Stormont for a tour of the castle at 11am. They had a guided tour led by a very informative guide who delivered the talk with great sensitivity to the political situation, a firm understanding of the history, and light-hearted good humour. 

As the Northern Ireland Assembly is not currently functioning, this enabled them to see areas that might have been out of bounds had it been a bustling hive of political activity.

The rest of the day was spent touring historical sites around Belfast city, with Belfast native, Deputy Head Cormac UaBruadair, as their guide.