Academic Prize Giving 2022

Congratulations to all our current students who received recognition at our Academic Prize Giving in many different categories.

We were delighted to welcome back some of the Class of 2022, who received awards for outstanding achievement in their Leaving Cert and dedication to their studies, throughout their time at KH.

The winners of the Junior and Senior Cusack Essay as well as the KHPPU Poetry awards were announced and presented with their prizes.

This year we added a new category to acknowledge the achievements of our international students who achieved C1 or C2 proficiency in their Cambridge English Exams. To reach this level of fluency, which is required for university study, requires a huge amount of additional study for these students

A list of prize winners can be accessed here KH Prize Giving

Headmaster Mark Ronan warmly welcomed students, past pupils, and parents back to KH to celebrate together in person for the first time since the 22nd of December 2019.

He welcomed the guest of honor Emer Currie, Senator and former student of KH, and thanked her for making the special effort to be here.

Mr. Ronan remarked on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education as well as wider society. Remembering all those who have been impacted by Covid he thanked the KH community who supported the school throughout that time.

He congratulated the leavers of 2022 and Form 3 of this year for their hard work and great success achieved in the Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle exams, despite the myriad of challenges they faced.

We as adults have never experienced the disruption to learning that they faced during this time and they are to be commended for their adaptability and resilience.

Acknowledging all teachers who had to adapt their teaching practice throughout the pandemic, from moving online to a return to classrooms with restrictions such as social distancing and mask-wearing, appreciating the support that they provided their students.

Mr. Ronan also announced some positive changes that have taken place within the school; we now have a deputy principal, Siobhán Daly, responsible for the school’s academic life. We have also clarified the role of our subject coordinators and improved the recognition of the work that they do

Thanking Mr. Whelan, teacher of Agricultural Science who has taken a lead on pedagogical development. He now has 27 teachers involved in an action research group and runs a book club where colleagues can share and reflect on teaching and learning in practice.

Thanking administrators, operations, catering and cleaning team, the medical team of doctors and nurses, counsellors, boarding staff, SNAs, matrons and coaches, and extra-curricular staff.

Also, those who give their time voluntarily; governors, board of management, parents association, past pupils union and within school, the prefects, mentors, student council, diversity and inclusion, environmental and amber flag committees

Mr. Ronan also announced that we are in the planning stage for a new science block, which will also allow us to free up space within the school to develop new areas. Our fundraising campaign for this initiative has begun and will continue in the year ahead.

Senator Emer Currie a past pupil of KH was this year’s guest speaker. She is Fine Gael Seanad Spokesperson for Employment Affairs, Work/Life Balance and Northern Ireland, serves on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Committee and Chair of Sovereign Matters on the British Ireland Parliamentary Assembly.

She gave a passionate speech about her days at KH and how they prepared her for the future.

‘The days I spent here, were some of the most worthwhile of my life. KH contributed hugely to the person I wanted to become, and I can thank the school for that.’

Her message was one of belonging and how her experience of the school stayed with her well after her time here. Going on to tell her story of growing up in Tyrone pre-Peace/Good Friday Agreement to making the move to Dublin.

‘The values of multi-denominationalism of inclusion, of diversity and most importantly for respect for difference chimed with everything I have been brought up to believe’

KH was a world away from her life in Tyrone but slowly over the years, she learned to belong in her mixed education and her evolving identity. She has found her own voice and place in politics and her experience at KH was key to that as was her childhood in the North and both have shaped her work in politics.

Siobhán Daly, Head of Academics then welcomed Board Member Innes Cooper (former principal of St. Andrews National School Lucan) and invited her to present the awards to the prize winners.

Staff awards –

Deputy Principal and Head of Boarding Cormac Ua Bruadair was congratulated on receiving his Master of Arts in Christian Leadership in Education

Paul O’Donohoe acting head of Geography and Head of Morgan House received his Master of Arts in Education for Leadership in Education

Mr. Ronan closed the ceremony by congratulating the students once more and thanking everyone who took and made the evening so special before finally welcoming everyone to join him for a small reception in the dining hall.