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We are exceptional educators. We are pioneers of an innovative teaching approach that nurtures a love of learning through a stimulating mix of creative and academic inquiry.

The King’s Hospital School aims to provide a learning environment in which pupils can achieve standards appropriate to their potential and ability.

We also value the cultural, creative and intellectual development of each pupil and every aspect of school life is designed to advance this process.

We believe education should be less about memorising and more about evaluating information and critical thinking. We educate our students in how subjects integrate. We also offer a comprehensive and progressive range of subjects, extensive specialist facilities and a highly qualified teaching staff.

When students enter the school, they begin a three-year cycle – the Junior Cycle – which leads to the Junior Certificate exam. This is then followed by Transition Year (TY) in Form 4.

The second cycle – the Senior Cycle – begins in Form 5 and ends with the Leaving Certificate exam in Form 6.

Gifted & Talented Students

Pupils that have been identified as academically gifted and talented are supported and challenged within the school with allocated resources. Form 1 students that have attained an exceptional grade in their entrance exam will be notified and invited to sit the Centre for Talented Youth Ireland's Entrance Exam currently the SCAT, which on passing entitles them to attend the CTYI Summer Courses and Correspondence Courses.

Students are also encouraged to participate in our many extra-curricular activities such as; Maths Club, Chess, Scrabble Club, Creative Writing, Spelling Bee, Maths & Science Olympiads, SciFest, Debating, etc.

A useful website for parents of Gifted and Talented students is

Learning Support

Our Special Educational Needs Department aims to support students with difficulties to achieve their full potential in The King’s Hospital School. The Special Education team provides assistance to pupils, through early identification, specialist tuition and in-class support, while liaising closely with parents, subject teachers, house staff and external professionals.

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