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Whole-school Integrated

Sports are integral to The King’s Hospital School ethos and whole-school experience; being representative of our fundamental agenda of student wellbeing, personal (character) development and the founding values of the School.

Consequently, we consider our sports programme to be an extension of a single, coherent, core curriculum rather than a separate curriculum. We value the opportunities sports provide to engage in teaching and learning beyond the classroom. Sports also play a part in the significant relationships we enjoy with our Parents’ Association, our Past Pupils Union, and the local community.



We offer one of the most diverse sports programmes in Ireland with a wide range of team and individual sports and physical activities designed to fit the needs of our
students rather than one they must fit into! Whether you have ambitions to perform at an elite international level, challenge for school honours, be active with friends or try something new, we have the programme for you.

Read about all the sports we offer here (pdf)

Our sports programme explicitly combines the features of social integration, enjoyment, appropriate challenge, and personal relevance to provide meaningful experience through sport for each student.

Social Integration – shared positive participation with others.

  • Recognising the importance that friendships, teamwork, collaborative learning, being supported and supporting others, coach-to-player relationships, and interest from parents and teachers play in successful student sport provision.

Enjoyment – positive emotions in action

  • More than about having fun (although this is an important element), for our students it includes trying hard, making progress, being a good sport, taking responsibility, and experiencing positive and supportive coaching.

Appropriate challenge – key to meeting the individual development needs of every student

  • Emphasises player-centred approaches to coaching, task differentiation, and empowerment such that achievement is self-referenced in terms of growth, development, and satisfaction.

Personal relevance – developing personal meaning

  • Associated with learning beyond the classroom and connections to broader life. It is an explicit part of value-based approaches to coaching that create positive and meaningful experiences through sport.


‘Personal Best’ is a key emphasis of our sports programme and each member of our senior sports teams are supported in describing and pursuing an individual flourishing plan. We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced coaches who utilise proven coaching practices, competition strategies, and appropriate game forms to support
student, skill, and game development by helping students to learn and to achieve their potential. Our coaches, equally, are committed to their own ongoing training and development and are supported, challenged, and empowered to meet the demands of our School sports framework.

See our bespoke Sports Framework here

Performance Sports Student Mentorship

We offer a Performance Sports Student Mentorship (PSSM) for students who excel at sports from an early age and progress to selection by their National/Provincial Governing Body for development programmes or additional specific training. These students typically have a high demand on their time due to; training, competition, and travelling load, and may therefore find it difficult to co-ordinate their school and other lifestyle commitments with their sporting commitments. The PSSM is designed to provide access to highly skilled and experienced staff/coaches and a range of additional support to these students.

You can contact our sports department at or our Director of Sport directly at

Hilary Term Sport & ECA Schedule 2021

Read about all the sports we offer here (pdf)

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