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Transition Year

Transition Year (TY) – in Form 4 – offers students a broad educational experience. It provides a bridge to help students make the transition from a highly structured environment to one where they will take greater responsibility for their own learning and decision making. Students participate in learning strategies which are active and experiential and which help them to develop a range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

TY also gives students an opportunity to reflect on and develop an awareness of the value of education and training in preparing them for the ever-changing demands of the adult world of work and relationships.

TY Links & Updates 

Our TY always kicks off with a three-day trip to the Killary Adventure Centre. This is a great team-building exercise for students and staff and encourages them to go outside their comfort zone and think laterally in preparation for the exciting challenges in the year ahead. (we await guidelines for 2020, if this is still viable) 

TY work experience

All TY students are required to complete a Work Experience Programme (see more in the information booklet above). 

Job Shadowing/Work Experience Dates 2019

Monday 1st – Friday 12th February, 2019

Some TY-specific programmes require registration as early as June of Form 3. Here are some links that we are aware of - It is not an exhaustive list and students are encouraged to do their own research over the summer holidays, as it enhances their personal development.

The students are encouraged to look for work experience in areas of interest to them and in which they may eventually make their career. Even if this does not happen, the experience gained in a workplace - including developing new skills, ensuring good time keeping and punctuality, developing social skills with other employees and the employer - is invaluable.

One of the aims of the programme is to introduce the students to the world of work and various career options. It is hoped that they can then embark on the Leaving Certificate course with a greater sense of purpose and direction.


TY Programme Coordinator

Noel Cunningham

Work Experience

Orla Cummins

KH Work Experience Indemnity Letter 2019.pdf