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We believe that learning outside the classroom is just as important as learning within. Enrichment activities spark curiosity and creativity.

They extend social networks and teach important life skills such as leadership, discipline and problem-solving. Most importantly, they give each young person in our care a sense of purpose and achievement and a chance to explore, develop and shine. 

Our enrichment programmes offers our students an extraordinary choice of sporting, leisure and cultural activities.  

We expect students of all ages to participate and we strongly encourage them not just to follow their personal passions, but to take up new interests, hobbies and causes and to join lots of different clubs and societies. 

We expand their horizons through outreach opportunities and we help them to discover the value of giving back to society through social work, fundraising and volunteering for local and international charities. 

We manage and communicate every event and fixture in our extra-curricular calendar through a real-time parent app. And we keep students, their families, coaches and teachers excited and informed through regular social media updates.

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