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International Students

Admissions Information for International Students

Below you will find all the information required to register for a place at The King's Hospital. Every student must submit a registration form and other requested documents in order to be considered for a place. Prospective students must visit the school for an interview with the Headmaster, sit an English Test and are given a full tour of the school. There are also many downloads on this page with further information. If emailing our Admissions Department with an enquiry please include the Name, Date of Birth and Nationality of the student, also the Form you are applying for and the year of entry. Students are accepted into Forms;1, 2, 4 & 5 only.

Ideally Students must have reached the following ages by September 1st of the year of entry:

  • Age 12 - Form 1
  • Age 13 - Form 2
  • Age 15 - Form 4 
  • Age 16 - Form 5

Form 4 also know as Transition Year (TY) Information Booklet


International Student Fees are determined by the students' current passport; EU, Non-EU and Irish. The fees for the current academic year 2018/19 are as follows:

  • 7-Day Boarding EU Passport  €20,154
  • 7-Day Boarding Non-EU Passport €20,994
  • 7-Day Boarding Irish Passport €16,795

Please see Fees & Fee Support for more information on fees or contact Carly Lynch in the FInance Department on 0+353 1 6436534 or


Students wth a non-EU passport may be required to obtain a VISA to study in Ireland. You must check this with the Irish Consulate or Embassy in your country. A VISA letter from the school can only be made available on request and after receipt of one year's fees in advance.


The school offers 7-day boarding and closes only for the two mid-term breaks which is one week in October and February and for two weeks at Christmas and Easter. Click here for the 2018/19 Main Dates School Calendar. For 2018 School Year Boarders return on Tuesday August 28th & Classes begin Wednesday August 29th. 

Registration Procedure

Please email the Admissions Department for an admissions pack which includes a Prospectus and Registration Form. The Registration Form must be signed and the original hard copy posted to the Admissions Office in order to fully process an application but the documents listed below may be scanned and emailed in advance. 

All information contained on this webpage is also available as a download*. No applicant will be considered and invited for an interview until all documents are received and reviewed.

  • *Registration Form signed and dated 
  • *School Principal Pupil Reference Template
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Recent school grade, effort and behaviour report
  • Copy of psychologist report if student has been diagnosed with a learning or behavioural disorder

Once all the correct documentation is received it is reviewed by the Headmaster and Admissions Manager. You will then be advised if we are to proceed with the application.  An appointment will be arranged for the student to come to the school for an interview, English test and a tour. After the interview assessment, English Test result and school documents are reviewed we will advise if we are able to offer a place to the student within two weeks. Once a place has been offered a deposit of €2,000 must be paid by bank transfer and the signed acceptance form emailed along with a record of payment. The signed acceptance form must also be sent by express post or courier in order to have the original signature on file. The deposit is non-refundable if the student does not eventually take up the place but will be refunded when the student has completed their education at the school if it is determined that there are no bills outstanding.

We will consider a SKYPE interview for an International Student living outside the EU, or an EU student in exceptional circumstances only.

Guardianship/Host Family

If an International Student does not have relatives or close friends living in Ireland, that are prepared to act as a Guardian or Host Family, then the family must engage the services of a Guardian. The cost of Guardianship can range from approximately €1,000 - €3,000 per year, depending on the level of service you require (see airport transfers below). Please click here for information regarding the responsibilities of the Guardian. In order to assist parents in the selection of Guardians, the school maintains a list with details of agencies and individuals who act as Guardians to students already in the school, but we do not recommed any specific Agency or individual. Please click email to request the Guardian contact list. Once you have engaged the services of a Guardian, you and the Guardian must sign the form and return it to the school by the end of June each year.

Airport Transfers

Overseas students have the option of participating in the school's 'Overseas Travel Scheme' which offers supervised travel to/from the airport at the official school opening/closure dates, for an additional charge.