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Fri 25th Jan 2019

KH initiative in Zambia 

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Primary School 2002

In 2002 Mary Chidgey, a former nurse in KH, while living in Zambia asked the Gaisce students to raise some money for a local charity school established by Trojart Hartmann, a German Lutheran missionary. The school was located in the local shanty town Makalulu on the outskirts of Kabwe. It was, at the time, the largest shanty town north of Soweto n RSA. The school educates, medicates, clothes and feeds the children.  We embarked on what would be a hugely successful project, raising thousands of euro.

We employed local men and doubled the capacity of the school, built a toilet block and sank a well. Prior to sinking the well the school would close during a cholera outbreaks. The well meant there was clean water for the whole community. Our fundraising was so successful (Celtic Tiger days!) that we were able to build two more country schools and sink two more wells.

Pre-school 2006

On a further trip in 2006 we built Chilillila Centre, a preschool for vulnerable children, with aids testing and counselling rooms for the community. This was also the base for our community outreach programme.


By now Mary had established Ranchhod Hospice, Mary felt strongly that people should be able to die with dignity. In many instances people who were very ill would come to the hospice, but on receiving nourishing food and medical treatment would improve significantly and return to their families for a number of months before ultimately returning to the hospice.

Busy Bees - funding employment initiatives

The Busy Bees grandmothers group was set up. These grandmothers raise raising their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren. In different initiatives KH funded Singer sewing machines; the Busy Bees make items to sell at the market, we bought piglets and a sausage making machine (yes!), beads to make Zulu bead items, a peanut butter making machine to sell peanut butter at the market, seeds to grow vegetables, … all profits are used to buy food for their families.

Sables - Vocation School

Running parallel to these initiatives another project, Sables, had been established to take young homeless children off the streets and give them a vocational education.

Mary has been constantly looking for support and doing fundraising. Pat Fanning, the former principal in St Joseph’s Fairview, on retiring, got on board and became heavily involved to reinvigorate the Sables Project.  He has established a secondary school this January with twenty-five first years. See attached photo of the kids all wearing old KH blue shirts and grey flannels generously donated by the Parents Association Second-hand uniform sale.

Providing for the future - Zambia Trip 2020

This trip that the students and staff are undertaking in the Spring of 2020 will be an immersion project for them where they work with and spend time with the children. Or main aim is to raise money to sustain the project and provide a future for the residents of this village.  The teaching staff are local, qualified teachers who earn a minimal wage. NO money is lost in translation.

There will be many fundraising initiatives held in the coming year and we look forward to the continued support of staff, parents, students and past pupils.

The Gaisce students that associated with the project are:

Emily-Ruth Brennan, Cressida Campion, Aideen Carmody, Cara Conlon, Caroline Doran, Rebecca Doyle, Alex Heyward –Jones, Ellie Lazzarini, Ciara Murray, Aimee Tobin, Aindriú Tucker

By Gaisce Coordinator Michelle Murray

FUNDRAISER COOKBOOK - available to buy from March 20th, 2019 in school - €15 - all proceeds to go to Zambia2020.



  • KH Blue school Shirts Zambia 2020
  • Primary School build by KH volunteers with funds raised 2002 Zambia 2020
  • The King's Hospital School Zambia 2020
  • Busy Bees preparing for market Zambia 2020
  • Produce grown for market KH Zambia 2020