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What is Technology?

Technology is a practical subject currently offered to students at Junior Cycle. It explores the technological advances in modern society in order to solve everyday problems. Pupils will study a range of topics in Technology that will teach them about Materials, Structures and Forces, Mechanisms, Energy, Electronic Components and Circuits. The subject also teaches pupils about the Design and Manufacture Process of artefacts using a variety of materials e.g. Wood, Metal and Plastic. Students must design and make an artefact that solves a particular technological problem in the modern world. Pupils learn how to use a range of different tools and equipment safely and efficiently. They will also learn how to manipulate materials using these tools and machines.

The subject helps to improve students’ dexterity and motor skills through the manufacture of various project throughout Junior Cycle. It also improves their resourcefulness and initiative through problem solving tasks. This in-tern helps build students self-confidence and self-worth through the design and manufacture of an artefact.

Introduction to Technology:

Form 1 pupils participate in sampling of the subject in three part rotation for a ten-week block in their first academic year in the school. They then decide before entering Form 2 if they wish to continue the subject on for the remainder of their Junior Cycle. This helps give pupils an insight to the subject and if they have an aptitude for it.  

Examination at Junior Cycle level:

Currently Technology is examined at Higher and Ordinary level. There are two parts to the examination process at Junior Cycle level:

  • Coursework: Students will design and make an artefact based on a given deign task as set by the Department of Education and Skills. This will be worth 50% if taken at Higher level and 60% if taken at Ordinary level.
  • Terminal Written Exam: Students will also undertake a written exam at Higher and Ordinary level which makes up the remaining percentage.


Subject Coordinator: Gerard Larkin B.Sc. DTE (GMIT)

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