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Pupil Teacher Ratio Campaign

Tue 9th Feb 2016

Dear KH Parents/Guardians Please find below a letter to you from the national parent body for minority schools, COMPASS. You are being asked to contact your local candidates in the forthcoming general election with regard to the pupil-teacher ratio in fee-charging schools. I would strongly urge you to engage with this campaign for the sake of your school. It is critical that our pupil-teacher ratio is reduced from the current position of 23:1. Also attached is a suggested letter/email that you might write/adapt, and a list of Fine Gael candidates that may be of assistance to you. I would very much appreciate you assisting with the COMPASS campaign. Dear Parent/Guardian I am writing to you on behalf of the National Parent body for Minority Religion Schools, COMPASS. In recent years due to the economic and fiscal situation, the Government has incrementally increased the pupil teacher ratio to 23:1 for fee-charging schools. This in turn has increased the financial pressure on schools which has hit our communities particularly hard. Parents have made significant sacrifices to send their children to a school of their ethos and choice. Our schools and communities across the country have been engaged in active contacts with public representatives in recent years to stress the negative impact of this very high pupil-teacher ratio. We know that this active engagement directly led to a stall in the increase in Budgets 2015 and 2016. The pressure which we have applied has worked. We now need to increase that pressure to influence a reduction in the pupil-teacher ratio. In the last budget the pupil-teacher ratio was reduced for non-fee charging schools. We now want to work hard to reduce the ratio for our schools. You can play a very important role in advance of the up-coming General Election. You can download a letter from here which I would encourage you to send to your local public representatives and constituency candidates. This letter seeks a commitment from the representative to a reduction in the pupil-teacher ratio. You can of course edit this letter to personalise it appropriately. You can send the letter via email or post. In addition, you can address the issue when you are inevitably canvassed at your door step. You can even make the arguments when you see candidates canvassing in public places. You can find your local TD here. Given that the polls indicate that Fine Gael will be the biggest party post the General Election, I would encourage you to pay particular attention to the Fine Gael candidates in your constituency. Your active assistance in the achievement of this objective would be greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Eleanor Petrie PRO, COMPASS The National Parent Body for Minority Schools 086 254 8000

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