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It has always been a part of school life in the King’s Hospital to have prefects in forms 5 and 6; pupils who have the respect of the pupil body as well as the staff and who are entrusted with certain duties and responsibilities.

There is an application process each spring and a full meeting of the House and Duty staff and the Senior Management Team convenes each May to appoint prefects for the following year.

A number of prefects are allocated to each house within the school’s pastoral house structure.

Prefects, therefore, work closely alongside their House-person and provide a very valuable layer to the day-to-day smooth running of the school.

Every Friday, the prefects meet as a group for a working lunch when they can share experiences and discuss and overcome problems they encounter in the course of the week.

The role of prefect is always expanding to try and help meet the needs of an ever-expanding school community.

Class of 2019

Head Girl: Emma Bowie

Deputy Head Girl: Aislinn Purkis

Head Boy: Luke Harris

Deputy Head Boy: Royale Ohoka


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