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Politics & Society

The King's Hospital is delighted to be among the first schools to introduce the new Leaving Certificate subject ‘Politics and Society’. Out of 117 schools that applied to introduce this new subject only 42 were successful. The subject will be examined for the first time next June, before being rolled our nationwide in September 2018. The current 6th Year cohort has one class of 22 students, but the subject has proven so popular that the current 5th Form has 45 students spread across two class groups.

Central to the course specifications are the theories of 16 Key Thinkers, who range from Political Philosophers like Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Karl Marx, to modern Feminist thinkers such as Sylvia Walby and Martha Nussbaum.

The course explores four interconnected strands:

  • Power & Decision Making
  • Human Rights & Responsibilities
  • Globalisation and Localisation
  • Active Citizenship.

In addition to traditionally examined materials, the course also includes an “Active Citizenship Project” worth 20% of the students’ final grade. The project is undertaken in the first term of Form 6 and submitted digitally after Christmas.

Interested students and/or parents can feel free to contact the subject coordinator, Mr. Devitt, who is also the National Chairperson of the Politics and Society Teachers' Association. Any students or parents interested in finding out more about the subject can get a feel for what happens in the Pol-Soc classroom by listening in to Mr Devitt's podcast "The Pol-Soc Podcast" which is available on both iTunes and Stitcher apps, or by visiting the website

For more detail on the course structure and assessment criteria, view the following video from the PDST

Jerome Devitt

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  • The King's Hospital Politics & Society Professor Jeffrey Sachs