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Leaving & Junior Certificates 2016

Wed 8th Jun 2016

2016 Junior & Leaving Certificate Results
Below you will find some of the facts and figures in relation to our Junior & Leaving Cert results for 2016. Please bear this in mind when the Irish Times league tables come out as they certainly do not represent a true reflection of the students' hard work and dedication of staff. There is also a listing of accepted college places. Some of our students defer their place to take a gap year and even more students are opting to study abroad. The 'Leage Tables' only take in account students that are enrolled in Irish 3rd level colleges in any intake year. The actual figures of our students' overall enrollment, taking all international & deferred places for 2016 into account, was 94%.

We are very proud of both our Junior Cert & Leaving Cert classes of 2016. Our students worked extremely hard and were rewarded with great results and their preferred college placements.