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Jigsaw Peer Education Programme

Wed 1st Nov 2017

From the student

As Halloween of 2017 approached, six fourth year students: Jack, Hannah, Tanesha, Malika, Tia and Ruth were all chosen to take part in the mental health training programme run by the association known as Jigsaw ( This programme, the peer education programme took on a variety of schools and trained a select few of their students to give a talk on mental health to younger students in the speaker’s school. The programme lasted 5 sessions that were spread out over a period of nearly 7 weeks. Each session focused on different aspects of mental health through PowerPoint presentations and games as well as other innovative activities to help our understanding and improve the quality of our talks. This was the Kings Hospitals first year taking part in this programme and it will hopefully continue to be something the school will take part in.

A special thanks to Ms Tanner, Criosa, Aoife and Jean who all made this work and an unforgettable experience!

Jack Baytte

From the teacher

The following students will have completed their peer mentor training with Jigsaw.They will have a follow up session in January in Jigsaw.But in the meantime they will present a powerpoint presentation to Form 1 SPHE classes.Then after Christmas we will have all Form 2 SPHE classes given the presentation.

Several students applied to be a peer mentor last September and we viewed all letters of application and selected the following Jack Baytte Hannah Betson Tia Doyle Malika Maniar Ruth Watson Taneha Yinga.

The peer mentors deliver a PowerPoint presentation to the selected SPHE classes on positive mental health.

Susan Tanner


  • Jigsaw Peer Group Mental Health The King's Hospital TY Students
  • Jigsaw Peer Group Mental Health The King's Hospital TY Students