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Harden Library

The Harden Library is named after Bishop John Mason Harden, a former headmaster and chaplain in the 1920s. The aim of the library is to promote reading for pleasure, to support the curriculum and to enable independent learning.

NEW!! Summer 2020 News Bulletin and recommended reads

Student Time Capsule

School Librarian, Ms Kelly and  School Archivist Andrew Whiteside are curating a digital time capsule to record student responses to the current situation. This is a school-wide project and will mark a moment in KH history. Students can make their entry during our final week of the school term — .25-29 May. General instructions are attached along with a Junior students version and a Senior Student version.

Please contact Ms Kelly or Mr Whiteside directly with any questions.

About the Time Capsule

As we near the middle of what could be a six-month closure of the school, it’s worth remembering that there was a previous occasion when the school was closed for several months to protect students and staff from illness. The closure lasted from October 1890 to February 1891. During the next academic year, we hope to spend time discovering more about that period of the school’s history.

In the meantime, we would like to put on record the thoughts and ideas of students about their experience of the current school closure and the pandemic crisis. The school’s library and archives will curate and preserve a digital time capsule of short items contributed by students with the intention of informing future students about this major event in history.

Submissions to the time capsule (up to 30 seconds of video or 100 words of speech) can be in a variety of forms:

  • an open letter
  • a poem
  • a song
  • a dance
  • a work of art
  • photographs of items of relevance to the lockdown

The closing date for submissions is June 8th, 2020. 

TimeCapsuleJunior.pdf Students in Forms 1-3 can send their entries to 

TimeCapsuleSenior.pdf Students in Forms 4-6 should send their entries to

Information Literacy skills classes are held for pupils throughout the year. These include topics on promoting academic honesty and avoiding plagiarism; how to make the most of the library collection; and tips on searching for quality resources online. See below for Prep study hours.


Opening hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: Lunchtime and after school until 5.30pm
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm
Evening Prep: Mon-Fri: 7pm-9.10pm

Librarian: Joan Kelly B.A., HDipLIS

Twitter @TheHardenLib

Reading for Pleasure

We have a broad range of reading material (in both digital and print formats) available in our library. We cater for both students and staff, who have a wide choice of fiction and non-fiction, periodicals and newspapers. The lists below are compiled from our book clubs and pupil recommendations and also contain popular titles. Endless studies have shown the benefits of reading for pleasure.  No one can force anyone else to do it but it is our aim to expose our young readers to great material in the hope that when the right book comes their way, they will be hooked!  When that happens, it is a gateway to boundless pleasure for life. 

The Leaving Certificate prescribed and comparative lists are also included below.

Recommended Reading List by Form

Form 1 2019_2020.pdf

Form 2 and 3 2019_2020.pdf

Form 4 2019_2020.pdf

Form 5 2019_2020.pdf

LC 2020.pdf

LC 2021 Sorted.pdf

LC English 2022.pdf

Great Reads Awards

This is an initative by the School Library Association of Ireland, which recognises first-time authors of young adult fiction. Click here for Great Reads Awards photos and video, and find out more about voting for the Great Reads Awards. 

Results of Parent Reading Profille Survey March 2020