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French as a Leaving Cert subject aims to bring students closer to fluency in the French language, as well as developing a good knowledge of literature, culture, geography, and national history to provide a context for communication. It builds on the knowledge acquired for the Junior certificate.

Subject Content

Course content for Higher and Ordinary levels is similar. However, oral and written skills are particulary important at higher level. A grade 'C' at higher level in the Junior Certificate is usually mimimum requirement for higher level French at Leaving Certificate. Modern languages require students to be proficient in the following skills: 

  • Oral/speaking
  • Written
  • Aural/listening
  • Reading

A wide variety of themes are covered, for example:

  • Family
  • School
  • Hobbies
  • Sport
  • Current affairs 

Grammar and Cultural Awareness are essential elements of these courses.

French Department

Cara O’Donoghue, BA (Hons), HDipEd (NUI) 

Amy Fitzgerald, BA (Hons) (UL), HDipEd (NUI)

Victoria Malcolm, MA (Hons) (St Andrew’s), HDipEd (NUI)

Denise Farrelly, BA (Hons), DipEd (NUI)

Annabel Browne, BA (Mod) (TCD), HDipEd (NUI)

  • King's Hospital French