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Below are the most Frequently asked questions about boarding if you still can't find the answer your looking for please contact the school and we will be pleased to help.


Q. If I need to renew a prescription how do I do it?

A. If you have a prescription bring it to the nurse on duty and she will organise for the medications to be delivered to the school.

Q. If I need to see a Doctor/Dentist what do I do?

A. If you need to see a Doctor or Dentist please contact the nurse on duty and she can arrange an appointment.

Q. If I'm unwell during the night what do I do?

A. If you are unwell during the night you can call the nurse on duty with the phone in the dormitory. Or you can call her on the mobile phone. There is a nurse on the premises at all times.

Q. If I need toothpaste/shampoo/tampons/sanitary towels?

A. There is a delivery from the local pharmacy twice a week and an order can be placed with the nurse. This will be put on your school account.

Q. If I'm on medications, can I keep them in the dormitory?

A. All medications must be handed in to the nurse on duty. This includes Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and any stock antibiotics. The only medications you may keep are Inhalers and vitamin tablets.

International Students

Q. Can I use a mobile phone in Ireland?

A. There are several mobile phone packages that students can choose from (such as 3, Vodafone, Meteor, etc.).
It is recommended that students purchase a Irish mobile phone and opt for a “pay as you go” plan. Cell phones and top - up credit can be purchased locally (retailers include Carphone Warehouse, 3, Vodafone & Meteor all have shops in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre).

Q. Can we store things over the summer?

A. Yes. A locked storage room is provided for all overseas returning students.

Q. How much allowance should I give my son/daughter?

A. This can vary significantly by family. Upon arrival, we recommend that families set up an account at a local bank. Many school expenses (e.g. school concerts, trips and taxi’s) can be charged to the student’s account.

Q. How are travel arrangements made for holiday breaks?

A. All airport (and other transfers) can be booked through Ms Bill. All travel arrangements must be booked at least three days in advance of departure or arrival. All trips can be billed to school accounts. More information is available on the website.


Q. Where do boarding students do their laundry?

A. Students will be assigned a day to bring their laundry to be done. Laundry should be left at the back of the l aundry before 9am each morning. We will endeavour to have it com pleted by 3.30 pm that afternoon. Ensure that all items are labelled with your name. The laundry staff will not be responsible for any item that is lost if it has not been labelled. Can all students ensure that clothing is separated by putting whites together and coloured clothing together.

Q. What are student’s responsibilities in the Dorms ?

A. Boarding students’ responsibilities are similar to responsibilities they would have at home. Students are required to keep their rooms tidy. Boarding students are also responsible for checking in with the staff member on duty at the required times.

Q. Do students have roommates and how is that decided?

A. Housemasters/mistress put students together in dorms with other students in the same year group. New boarding students have support from Housemasters/mistress in navigating the challeng es of living successfully with roommates.

Q. What happens during weekends?

A. Weekends have a much more relaxed pace; however, there are a host of on - campus and off - campus activities planned by students and a weekend team. These planned activities may include special social events, mountain biking trips, movie marathons and taking advantage of cultural or sports events in the area. Boarding students are often invited to spend the night at the homes of day students (this is coordinated through the Housemaster/mistress and appropriate permissions from families are required).

Q. Are sheets, pillowcase and duvet provided?

A. Standard pillows, fitted single sheets are provided by the school. Students must bring duvet and all covers. A full what to bring list is provided here.

Q. What if a student is having trouble adjusting or is homesick?

A. Housemasters/mistress and other duty staff are important sources of support, helping boarding students deal with many issues, ranging from homesickness to homework problems. Students are encouraged to talk to their housemaster/mistress about any concerns they may have.


Q. Who is the primary contact person with whom parents stay in touch at the School?

A. The main contact for your child is their House-person and all communication should go through them in the first instants. Details of how to contact them can be found on the contact page

Q. How do I send mail to a student?

A. Mail can be sent to a student at the following:
Students Name
The King’s Hospital
Dublin 20

Q. Are students allowed to have Mobile phones?

A. Mobile phones are not allowed in class, prep or chapel but students are allowed to use them outside of these times.

Q. How can I access m y child’s academic information?

A. Academic reports are sent out twice a year, at the end of the Michaelmas term (Christmas holidays) and at the end of the Hilary term (June). Effort and behaviour is also recorded throughout the year and you will be informed if your child is not meeting the required standard.


Q. What do students do in the afternoon?

A. Sport is compulsory for all 1st & 2nd Year students. All other years can optinto doing it and our highly encouraged to. We offer a wide range of sports. From September – March the following are offered; Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Badminton. April - May; Cricket, Soccer, Mountain biking and Tennis are offered.

Q. How do parents find out about their child’s sporting performance?

A. A report is sent out at the end of the Trinity term (Easter) that will outline their sport performance.

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