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COVID-19 Your Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Team is here to support the entire KH Community

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Rev. Campion’s Thoughts from Chapel 

Rev. Peter Campion has really been missing his congregation since the Covid-19 Pandemic imposed restrictions on movement on March 12th, and students had to instead learn from their homes. However, very quickly, Rev. Campion figured out how to reach not only his students, but the entire KH Community, by recording short messages of hope and encouragement and posting them daily. He has been doing this since March 18th, sometimes with special guests; Miss Piggy, Kermit, Grover and Bert & Ernie. Friday is often a musical number as that is when students would get to perform in front of the whole school. Friday,May 8th saw Rev. Campion dance the 'moonwalk' which was an internet sensation and gained him many new fans.  We didn't think it possible to surpass that performance, but he certainly has, on Friday the 15th of May, with his 'Covid 19 Rap' in a tribute to our Form 6 students, who celebrated a Virtual Valedictory Service and Concert at home that evening. A night the students will never forget, now recorded in history for them. The Virtual Valedictory Chapel Service aired on Friday, May 15th at 7pm, with magnificent performances from the KH Chapel Choir and Form 6 soloists.

All of Rev. Campions 'Thoughts from Chapel' are available to watch in a dedicated Playlist on our YouTube Channel - The King's Hospital Official. Catch him daily on our social channels: .Facebook  Twitter  Instagram.

Listen back to Rev. Campion's interview with RTE Radio 1's afternoon show presenter Ray D'Arcy today 18-5-20  KHS_Rev_Campion_RTE1_Radio_RayDArcy_Show_0.mp3

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Positive Thoughts from School Counsellor Clair Breen


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Stay Fit at Home with KH Athletic Performance Coach Ciaran Donohoe

Keep up your Hockey skills with Mick McKinnon 

Meditation with Susan Leahy 

Worthwhile articles passed on from the community

  • COVID-19 your wellbeing
  • COVID-19 your wellbeing