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Why choose Ireland?

Ireland consistently outperforms Britain and the United States in global educational rankings for mathematics, reading and science (Programme for International Student Assessment 2012). Ireland ranks 4th out of 36 OECD countries and 3rd out of 27 EU countries for teenage reading literacy according to the OECD PISA  Study 2018.

Link here to our International Students page for information on Admissions and Fees. Email us here for an Admissions Enquiry.

Second-level Irish education explained

Students must be 12 by August of the year of entry to Form 1. Second-level education consists of a three-year Junior Cycle followed by a three-year Senior Cycle where Transition Year is taken following the Junior Certificate examination. The Junior Cert State examination is similar to the GCSEs and takes place at the end of Form 3. Students sit exams in 11 subjects at higher or ordinary levels.

Transition Year, known as TY, takes place in Form 4 and allows students to experience a wide range of educational inputs; with a focus on group project work, volunteering, cultural trips, business enterprise projects, life skills, work experience and much more. The students will also participate in the President's Award, known as Gaisce, which is comparable to the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Core subjects are still taught in Form 4 (TY) with Christmas and summer term school examinations.

Students take seven or eight subjects at higher or ordinary level in Forms 5 and 6, a two-year syllabus, which culminates in the Leaving Certificate examination, similar to A Levels but even closer to the International Baccalaureate (IB). In the Leaving Cert exams, the six highest grades count as points for entry into Irish universities or converted for UCAS (see link below).

 Form & age

 No of subjects

 State Exams

 F1: 12-13



 F2: 13-14



 F3: 14-15


 Junior Cert

 F4 Transition Year: 15-16



 F5: 16-17



 F6: 17-18


 Leaving Cert

Why choose The King's Hospital School?

Almost all our Form 6 students go on to third-level education every year.  As some of our students choose to study abroad, this number is unfortunately not reflected in the annual newspaper league tables, which only takes Irish third-level entry into account.

We have students currently studying in Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, King's College, Harvard, MIT, and many other European and US universities.

Academic success, however, is not the only reason to educate your child at The King's Hospital School. We instil best-practice teaching, mentoring and leadership to encourage and support students. We focus on specific skills that assist them to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Our enrichment programmes offer our students an extraordinary choice of sporting, leisure and cultural activities.We expect students of all ages to participate and we strongly encourage them not just to follow their personal passions, but to take up new interests, hobbies and causes and to join lots of different clubs and societies. 

Competitive sports

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Hockey
  • Polocrosse
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Tennis

Music and the Arts

The King's Hospital School is regarded as one of Ireland's leading schools in the promotion of the Arts, with a school play and musical staged on alternate years. Students get to perform at many other events during the school year in our 300-seater Centre for Performing Arts and in our chapel. We host musicals, plays, talent shows and concerts, and we have a jazz band, choirs and an orchestra.

Extra-curricular clubs & societies

There are many activities going on in the school that are also student-driven. If your interest is not covered, start your own! You will be enthusiastically supported by the school.
See activities link here.

Weekend programme

Our seven-day boarders enjoy a vibrant and well-organised weekend programme.
See more about boarding here.


If your child holds an Irish passport our annual seven-day domestic fee is €17,475, an EU passport €20,970 and Non-EU passport €21,844. As fee-charging schools in Ireland receive a government subsidy on teacher salaries we can offer the equivalent in facilities and standards as UK Independent Schools, at half the cost. Link to Fees Section.

How to Apply

To obtain an Admissions Pack in the post or to find out more about The King's Hospital please email the  Admissions Department or call +353 1 643-6564. There is no charge to register your child for a boarding place if you are applying from the UK. To go on the waiting list, however, you need to send us a copy of your child's birth certificate and passport (if issued), along with the registration form.

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