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Transition Year

The Career Guidance Department's Programme for Transition Year is:

  • Meeting with all Form 4  - Guidance Counsellors and Heads of Department to discuss subject choice and subject combinations.
  • Meeting on an individual basis with pupils and parents, when requested.
  • Organise a Subject Choice Week to facilitate students' decision making.
  • All Form 4 pupils receive a detailed report on subject choice and career guidance.
  • Provide aptitude assessments, Cambridge Profile.
  • A Careers Day is held to allow pupils explore the various career areas.
  • Teach SPHE module to Form 4.
  • Liaise with Transition Year Co-ordinator, SPHE C-ordinator, Lifeskills and module tutors to discuss course content.
  • Counsel pupils who come for support, whether self-referred or referred by others.
  • An information meeting is held for parents and pupils entering the senior cycle.
  • King's Hospital Transition Year Guidance Programme