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Tennis is played extensively by both boys and girls in the summer term. The school has eight artificial tennis courts, and many other grit surfaces. Winter coaching in provided within the school for those who wish to avail.

Pupils at all age levels participate, with many terms competing in the Leinster Schools' Leagues. Last year, the 2006-2007 season, four boys teams entered and were successful in registring many wins against schools with a far greater pedigree in tennis. Girls' teams also involved competitively, with six league teams playing in the B and C Leinster Leagues. The First years also played friendlies against other Dublin schools.

Internal tennis championships are also organised within the school, as has been the tradition for many, many years.The Mixed Championship is greatly enjoyed by all pupils who are involved, both the serious and not so serious contenders. The various cups and plaques are awarded on Sports' Day towards the end of May.

Social events include the Parent/Teacher/Pupil Tournament which is always great fun and a huge success, with large participation.

  • Boys' Tennis
  • Girls' Tennis
  • School Championsips
  • Social events

Head of Tennis (Boys): Amy FitzGerald

Head of Tennis (Girls): Jane Salter

  • King's Hospital Parents' Tennis