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Student Council

The Student Council is a most important part of the life of The King's Hospital School. Students are elected each year in late January from Forms 1-5 using the Proportional Representation System. This Election Day is run by Ms Fiona Ryan's CSPE class in conjunction with the outgoing Council.

The Council meets regularly to discuss issues that concern students. These concerns are then brought to the attention of the school management through regular meetings with management or written submissions to the members of the school community concerned. 

A staff member, Ms. Susan Leahy, acts as the liaison person and overseer of the Student Council to facilitate communication, train students, and oversee organisation of events and meetings.

The Student Council is also pro-active in organising events for students in the school, such as the Talent Show, and the new Blue Coat day in the summer - a day for celebrating the whole school community. 

Blue Coat Day has replaced the Shindig, and is held towards the end of May, as the school year draws to a close. It involves outdoor activities and barbeques on the school grounds, all organised by the students themselves in collaboration with members of the school management team.

Members of the Student Council 2018-19

Form 2 Day

Sarah Culleton

Form 2 Boarding

Michael Ohoka

Form 3 Day

Ibrahim Alabi

Form 3 Boarding

Thomas Bradley

Form 4 Day Girls

Erica Kealy  

Form 4 Day Boys

Dubem Mgbakor

Form 4 Boarder Girls

Phoebe Nicholson

Form 4 Boarder Boys

Kenneth Cooper

Form 5 Day Girls

Vicky Abimbola  

Form 5 Day Boys

Abdul Rabiu

Form 5 Boarder Girls

Malika Maniar

Hannah Adams

Form 5 Boarder Boys

Hassan Alekri

Form 6 Day

Brent Bartley (Vice-President)

Annika Doyle

Form 6 Boarding

Luke Henry  

Eve Dowling (President)


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