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Student Council

The Student Council is a most important part of the life of The King's Hospital. Students are elected each year from Forms 1-5 and the Council meets regularly to discuss issues that concern students. These concerns can be brought to the attention of the school management through representation on the Food Committee, for example, where concerns and recommendations of the students can be addressed.

A staff member, Ms. Susan Leahy, acts as the liaison person and overseer of the Student Council to facilitate communication.

The Student Council is also pro-active in organising events for students in the school, such as the Talent Show, the Summer Shindig and Non-Uniform Days where the proceeds go to charity.

The undoubted highlight of such events is the 'Summer Shindig', traditionally held towards the end of May, as the school year draws to a close. It involves ourdoor activities and barbeques on the school grounds, all organised by the students themselves.

The Council was also pro-active in supporting the school's drive to get their Green Flags and worked with Rev. Campion to raise funds towards the plastic recycling machine.

Form 6

  • President Eoin Robinson - Day
  • Vice President ​Luise Sievers - Boarder
  • ​Ray Lawless - Day
  • ​Aisling Duruibe - Day
  • Kim Zitzmann - Boarder
  • Opuada Onyemelukwe - Boarder

Form 5

  • Carlos O’Brien - Day
  • Katie McNeilis - Day
  • Jack Looney - Boarder
  • Maile Wedgwood - Boarder

Form 4

  • Justin Awani - Boarder
  • Florence Sheridan - Boarder
  • Sky Reynolds Wrafter - Day
  • William Curran - Day

Form 3

  • Debbie Onolememen - Boarder
  • Bryan Umeh - Day

Form 2

  • Jesse Onolememen - Boarder
  • Harrison Jio - Day
  • King's Hospital Student Council