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Speech & Drama


 Active participation is what we strive for in our Speech and Drama classes. From the moment they arrive, our students are taught how to think, explore, sense and experience through the medium of creative drama. Speech and Drama is perfect for helping young people to acquire confidence, effective communication and developing life skills. It allows young people to express freely, explore their imaginations and to develop and present their own ideas in fun and creative ways.

Areas of development include:

  • Improvisation - developing imagination, communication and problem solving skills. Building confidence, trust and the ability to work effectively in a group.
  • Voice Work/Public Speaking - working on good pronunciation, effective breathing, posture, projection, clarity and distinct speech in communication.
  • Reading skills - developing the ability to read at sight, maintain good eye contact with the listener, to express and enliven the text using variety of tone and emphasis. These skills are essential to any budding actor as reading at sight is central to the auditioning process. 
  • Character and Acting - The students work on developing characters in many ways from creative play and script analysis to senior students learning professional acting techniques such as Method Acting. These skills are put into practise by performing monologues, duologues, scenes and plays.
  • Script Writing –Development from original ideas to structured scenes to final scripts.  Our students have won several awards for their original scripts which have been performed at National Competitions.


The classes are taught by Kerrie 0'Reilly – MA (Hons) Directing for Theatre, UCD, BA (Hons) Drama, Film and Television (Brunel, West London)

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