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School Policies

The King’s Hospital has enshrined in its ethos a number of policies designed to ensure that students achieve their full potential while they are a part of our School community.

Download our Child Protection Policy here.

Download our Critical Incident Management Policy here.

Focus on our Anti-Bullying Policy:

The King’s Hospital aims to create a positive living and learning environment, which focuses on respect for the individual. All members of staff share a collective responsibility, under the direction of the Headmaster, to act in preventing bullying or aggressive behaviour by any member of the School community.

The King’s Hospital promotes habits of mutual respect, courtesy and an awareness of the interdependence of people in our community. The School aims to create an atmosphere that encourages pupils to disclose and discuss incidents of bullying behaviour, sexual harassment or racism. The School also recognises the role that parents play in the task of making The King’s Hospital a pleasant and safe environment for all.

Download our Anti-Bullying Policy here.

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