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Scholarship and Fee Support

The King’s Hospital Fee Support

In recognition of the significant financial commitment undertaken by parents the School provides numerous financial contributions to assist with the payment of fees.


Scholarships are awarded annually on the results of the scholarship and entrance examination and are carried forward for the duration of studies in the School.

The King’s Hospital Charter Bursary

The King's Hospital Charter Bursary offers significant additional support to boarding pupils who are in receipt of an SEC Grant with an automatic top-up to the SEC Grant (on a sliding scale).  The Bursary is reviewed regularly to ensure broadest support for pupils who wish to attend as boarders.

Entrance Bursaries

Two bursaries are offered per annum and are carried forward for the duration of studies in the School.  Applications are made at the time of the offer of a place and are available to Day pupils only.

Under exceptional circumstances, the provision of a ‘Governor’s’ or ‘The King’s Hospital Past Pupil’s Union’ bursary may be agreed for families experiencing temporary financial difficulties, within the limits of available funds.    Anyone wishing to apply for a ‘Governor’s’ or ‘The King’s Hospital Past Pupil’s Union’ bursary should complete the ‘school bursary fund’ form (available  from Mrs Carly Lynch, Finance Department on request).   All such requests are treated in the strictest confidence.

There are also other sources which may provide assistance with school fees. 

Secondary Education Grants (SEC)

Families domiciled in the Republic of Ireland, where a child is a member of a Protestant denomination, may qualify for a means-tested grant, which will be paid directly to the school.  The size of the grant varies according to means.  Application is normally made not later than February in any year for the school year commencing the following September. 

For further information on fees or assistance with fees please contact Mrs Carly Lynch in our Finance Department on 01 6436534 or or review ‘Payment of Fees/Help with Fees’. 

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