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Model EU Council

Tue 14th Mar 2017

The Model EU Council is an annual event organised by the European Commission Representation in Ireland. This is the third time that we have been chosen to participate in the event and this year our delegation comprised Kate Bambrick, Kaitlin Reynolds and Emma Bowie. We were invited to represent Belgium and to adopt the position of our designated Member State on a mock Communication from the European Commission, entitled The EU's international trade agreements - good for European citizens and businesses. 

The level of preparation from each delegation was extremely impressive and we, the spectators, learned a great deal with regard to future European trade agreements. Debate and negotiation was intense and ultimately the Greek delegation took the main prize of a trip to Euroscola in Strasbourg. Team Belgium was commended by the judges at the event. There is no doubt that we enjoyed the day immensely and we are looking forward to being part of this event next year.