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This is our eBook service, an extension of our general library service.

The system works just like any other library branch – users come in, select from the stock and check out the items by downloading to their various devices. In exactly the same way as a borrowed book, they have use of the item for a defined period. At the end of the period, the file ‘self destructs’ and becomes available to the next user.

Click here for access - Leabharlann

Its great advantage is that it’s a 24 hour library and is available everywhere that you are. Requests are supported so you can put a hold on the book you want and queue for in demand items.

The new Junior Cycle recommended titles are available as well as some of the Leaving Cert proscribed reading. New titles are being added to the service regularly so there is a broad range to suit all KH reading tastes.

How does it work; as an app

  1. Download the Overdrive App from the App store or Android equivalent.
  2. Tap on the OverDrive app to open it. The first time you open the app you will be asked to create an OverDrive account. Choose Sign up at this point.
  3. Use your email address to sign in and create a password. If you want your device to remember this so that you don’t need to repeat this step, check the ‘Remember me’ box.
  4. Next, you will need to Add a Library. Tap on the Menu Icon (three horizontal lines). Then tap on Add a Library.
  5. Type Leabharlann into the search box and tap on Search
  6. You can then find The Kings Hospital on the Alphabetised list and Tap on it.

How does it work; as an audiobook

  1. If it is not yet open, open the OverDrive. Next, tap on the Menu icon(three horizontal lines)and select Leabharlann
  2. You will then be taken to the library’s OverDrive catalogue. Tap in the search box to search by author or title.
  3. You can also browse for books by using the drop-down menus Subjects, Collections, Levels.
  4. When you get a list of search results. When you find an item you want, just tap on the book cover. A Borrow button will appear if the item is currently available. (It will otherwise say Place a hold.) If you want to get more information on the title, such as available formats, number of copies, previews, etc, Tap on the little arrow on the bottom right that says “More”.

How does it work; borrowing

  1. When an item is available, it will say Borrow. (It will otherwise say Place a hold.) Tap on Borrow.
  2. If you are not already logged into your account, you will be asked to enter your Library card number and PIN. Your library card number and the pin number are the same. Remember that this is case sensitive, e.g. B05192X0499 or b05192x0499. If you need to get your pin number just ask the librarian or e-mail her. Check Remember my login information on this device, if you want the app to remember your card number. For any further questions contact the librarian
  3. At this point you have an option to either download the book or read it immediately. Once downloaded your book will be in the Bookshelf section of the app. To get to it tap on the menu icon, then Bookshelf and you are ready to start reading!

Return an eBook early

At the end of your checkout period (two weeks) all items will return automatically, however EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks can be returned early

  1. Tap and hold on the cover of the book, then tap Return
  2. Tap Return to return the item early, or tap Cancel to keep reading

Essentially anyone familiar with Netflix will find this super easy to use. Once you are logged in you have a wish list, an opportunity to rate the titles, and browse in various categories.

How does it work; as a laptop / desktop

Simply type in the following URL – – and follow the steps above. And that’s it….Welcome to Leabharlann!!

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