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International Students

The King’s Hospital has long been a sought-after destination for International Students wishing to immerse themselves in an Irish school setting. Overall, International Students constitute about 20% of boarding school enrolment in the school. The school community today is truly a mosaic of cultures and traditions, brought together under the common rubric of delivering a world-class education that will open doors the world over. Incoming International Students benefit greatly from immersion in the language and culture of The King’s Hospital school, and  will often find themselves in a position of real strength when applying to universities in Ireland, Great Britain and throughout the world.


International Students are accepted into Forms 1, 2, 4 (TY) and 5. Please refer to our Academics section and particularly the Transition Year (TY) Programme that takes place during Form 4, for more information. A student wishing to enter Form 5 must commit to staying for two years and completing their Leaving Certificate exam.

In our  Admissions UK section you will also find favourable comparisons to the UK Independent School system and more information about our curriculum.

As part of our International Student Programme, The King's Hospital provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes during the week and as part of the Weekend Programme and each student is given personalized attention and individual learning advice. A student may also opt to take classes, at an additional cost, to prepare for the Cambridge English test and they will be brought to sit the examination at the beginning of May.

We also offer a variety of activities to engage and connect with our students, and promote an atmosphere of diversity and acceptance. Every one of our students represents a different culture and background and we encourage this diversity in our classrooms, in our sports and in our Staff.


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