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Careers Day

Thu 17th Nov 2016

Careers Day

The annual Careers Day for TY students took place on Thursday 17th November. This Career Day is part of the King’s Hospital Careers Department service for our students. Within the Guidance department it is our mission to provide opportunities for our students to explore different career paths and obtain career advice and guidance on a range of careers. The Students could attend the talks that were of interest to them and avail of the opportunity to gain insight into their career perspectives and speak with experts working in different career areas.

Thank you to all of our attendees, Cormac Ua Bruadair, Mark Deane and the catering staff for making this day a huge success.

Career talks on the day:

Computer Science – Mr Geoffrey Hodgins

Global Marketing – Mr Stephen Jio

Photography     - Mr Alan Betson

Pilot – Mr Barney Lynch

Stockbroker – Mr Brian Cox

Montessori Teaching – Ms Pearl Brennan

Physiotherapist – Ms Margaret Hanlon

Medicine – Dr. Rowena Hughes

Secondary School Teaching – Mr John Doran

Music – Mr Paul Rolston

Careers in Sport – Mr Brendan Hackett

Army – Lt. Michael Conway

Nursing – Ms Annie Chandy

Engineering – Mr Emmett Davis

Law – Ms Fidelma O’Dowd

Psychology – Ms Mary Borton

Entrepreneur/Business – Dr. Richard Heywood Jones

Languages/Translator – Ms Jennifer Buller

Food Science – Mr Stephen Gray

Accountancy – Mr James Barrett

Hotel Management – Mr Andrew Langford

Gardai – Sgt Rodger Quinn

Acting/Musical Theatre – Ms Danna Davis

Pharmacist – Ms Gwynne Morley

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