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Canoeing has always played an important part in the sporting and extra-curricular life of The King's Hospital through the years since its move to the current site at Brooklawn. This is due to the proximity of the river Liffey to the school grounds, providing a natural facility for sporting activity.

The school has been extremely successful in the competitive world of canoeing, producing regular national cahmpions, and several students from The King's Hospital have represented Ireland in both the Olympic Games and the European and World Championships.

Pupils avail of canoeing throughout the whole school year, both as a leisure activity, and as a competitive sport, the highlight being the Liffey Descent in early summer. Students are required to participate in pool sessions prior to any canoeing on the river itself, and then they may be ready to tackle the trials of the Lucan Weir or Sluice Weir. Canoeists are able to navigate as far as the Straffan or Stackallen Weir on Wednesday afternoons, the Straffan Weir being being particularly popular, due to the numerous golf balls to be found by the K club!

Head of Canoeing: Mark Campion

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