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Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for the conduct and management of the School as set out in the Articles of Management for the Board of Management of The King's Hospital, except for the powers reserved to the Board of Governors (The Patron), in accordance with the obligations on it by Section 14.(1) of the Education Act.

The duties of the Board of Management are as set out.

  1. It shall be the duty of the Board of Management to manage the School on behalf of The Patron and for the benefit of the pupils and their parents and to provide or cause to be provided an appropriate education for each pupil at the School. (Section 15.-(1) of the Education Act)
  2. The Board of Management shall uphold, and be accountable to The Patron for so upholding, the characteristic spirit of the School as determined by the cultural, educational, moral, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions which inform and are characteristic of the objectives and conduct of the School, and at all times act in accordance with any Act of the Oireachtas and within the statutes, deed, charter, articles of management or other such instrument of the School. (Section 15.-(1)(b) of the Education Act)
  3. The Board of Management has a duty of loyalty and support to the Principal, and the Principal has the right to expect that support and loyalty. The unity and mutual loyalty of the Board of Management and the Principal should be apparent to the entire School community.

Board of Management - 2018/19

  • Mr. Kenneth Peare - Chairman - Chairman Ex-officio
  • Mr Paul Rolston - Boarding Parent Representative
  • Fionnuala Gilmartin - Day Parent Representative
  • Mr Michael de Las Casas - Governor
  • Ms Susan Baird - Governor
  • Mr Richard Tyrrell - Governor
  • Mrs Jackie Greene - Governor
  • Mr Matt Jarvis - Staff Representative
  • Mr Paul O'Donoghue - Staff Representative

In Attendance

  • Mr Mark Ronan - Headmaster
  • Ms. Louise Marshall - Deputy Head/Principal
  • Mr Cormac Ua Bruadair - Deputy Head
  • Mr John Aiken - Assistant Head, Wellbeing
  • Ms Siobhan Daly - Assistant Head Academic
  • Ms Kerrie O'Reilly - Assistant Head Art, Culture & International Students
  • Mr Tony Kearney - Head of Finance and Operations
  • The King's Hospital Board of Management March 2017