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ASTI Strikes for November postponed

Wed 9th Nov 2016

9th November 2016


Dear Parent/Guardian

I am delighted to report that the ASTI and the DES have accepted an invitation to talks with regard to the ongoing dispute.

The days that had been scheduled for strike action on November 8th, 16th, 24th and 29th and December 6th and 7th have been suspended for the duration of the talks which are likely to go on until the end of November at the earliest. In addition the withdrawal from Supervision and Substitution directive has been suspended for the duration of the talks. Needless to say I will keep you informed as soon as any further information becomes available.

The Senior Management Team and Staff at The King’s Hospital have done our best to minimise any negative impact to students and parents during this challenging period for all concerned.

Yours sincerely